Samsung Clear Protective Cover  Note 20 Ultra

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وفّر جنيه 149.00

سعر الخصمجنيه 750.00 السعر الأصليجنيه 899.00

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    • The non-slip pattern on the sides to give you a secure grip


    • Worry less about damaging your phone with drops and falls. The Clear Protective Cover meets a high standard of drop testing to deliver protection for your phone.


    • Made of high-quality transparent material, this case lets you showcase the color you've chosen for your Galaxy Note20 Ultra. And even if you keep the case on for a long time, it won't turn yellow on you.


    • It's surprisingly slim but rugged enough to keep your phone protected against shocks and bumps. And with the non-slip pattern along the border, it helps you keep a grip on your phone, to double up on damage prevention.

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