AT-3 - music keyboard - Casio لوحة مفاتيح موسيقية

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سعر الخصمجنيه 9,000.00

قسط اونلاين من خلال

  • The AT-3 Oriental Keyboard package includes numerous oriental rhythms, allowing the user to set up and store quarter tones on the keyboard using the memory function. Authenticity and the fullness of the sound were the main focus when developing the oriental sounds and styles package, so a huge sound range is guaranteed! The oriental scale buttons give musicians the ability to select different scale templates and to set up their own scales by fine-tuning the notes. Arabic scales, with tones that typically lie "between" the intervals of a piano octave, can, therefore, be played authentically. The gold-colored housing and Arabic script make the AT-3 the perfect instrument for a very special musical performance.

    • 61 piano-style keys
    • 800 tones
    • 250 rhythms
    • LC display, data entry dial
    • 100 DSP effects
    • Oriental scale buttons
    • Arpeggiator
    • Timbre editor
    • 16-track sequencer
    • Pattern sequencer
    • 32-channel mixer
    • Direct audio recording onto SD card
    • SD card slot, audio in, line out, USB

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