Baseus Earphones Encok True W04 Pro Wireless

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Color: Black
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  • 1. Bluetooth 5.0, low power consumption, fast transmission
    2. Dual-channel connection, not afraid of disconnection
    3. Three-band equalization, high-fidelity sound quality
    4. Music and screen synchronization, the gaming experience, and chasing is better
    5. Touch operation, simple
    6. Support voice and call assistant
    7. Charging box with 400 mAh capacity, durable battery life
    8. Semi-in-ear design, close to the ear canal, without dropping, comfortable to wear
    9. IP54 waterproof and dustproof, easy to deal with daily water and dust
    10. Supports Type-C wired charging and QI wireless charging

    Product parameters:
    1. Material: ABS
    2. Bluetooth version: V5.0
    3. Bluetooth device name: Baseus Enock W04 Pro
    4. Communication distance: 10 meters
    5. Standby time: 300 hours.
    6. Listening time: 6 hours (specific duration depends on playback volume)
    7. Battery capacity: 37 mAh / 3.7 V (headphones), 400 mAh / 3.7 V (charging box)
    8. Headphone rated input: DC 5V 20mA
    9. Headphone rated current consumption: 10 mA
    10. Charging time: 1.5 hours (plugin), 3 hours (wireless charging)
    11. Frequency response range: 20Hz- 20KHz
    12. Power supply: Type C / QI wireless charging and charging
    13. Application: Bluetooth playback device

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