Your electronic devices are safe and secure with select!

You can now insure your electronic devices with Select’s premium insurance service, which provides full protection on all devices, whether mobiles, screens, laptops, PlayStation, headsets: pods, buds, tablet, smartwatches against any damages or accidents with comprehensive insurance service on electronic devices that we provide at Select.

Select insurance services include:

· Extended product warranty for two years against manufacturing defects:

- Extension of the product warranty period for one year against manufacturing defects after the end of the agent's warranty

-Insurance covers manufacturing defects according to the agent's policy

-The insurance covers the cost of repair or replacement, according to the agent's statement

· warranty against screen breakage:

-One year insurance against screen breakage

-Products included in this service: Laptop-Mobile – Tablet-SmartWatch-TV

· Accident and Total Damage insurance:

-Insurance against full or partial damage that requires repair as a result of an accident covering the device

You can benefit from the full or partial insurance service on your products within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Ask about insurance service when purchasing.

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