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  • Active Noise Cancellation

    Something that’s becoming increasingly popular in the earbuds space is active noise cancellation. This feature uses input from the microphone(s) in the earbuds to generate a soundwave of the opposite phase to what it hears. This has the effect of reducing ambient noise much more effectively than passive solutions, like noise isolation.

    Samsung is a little late to the party here, but they’ve finally added active noise cancellation to their lineup with the Galaxy Buds Live. ANC on the Galaxy Buds Live is designed to filter out ambient noises like fans or ACs but doesn’t filter out important audio like speech or announcements.

    To activate ANC on the Buds, you have to touch and hold on one of the two earbuds, which is the default touch and hold action for both earbuds. You’ll then hear a beep indicating that ANC is active. To turn ANC off, simply touch and hold again until you hear another beep.

    Bixby voice wake-up

    While a lot of wireless earbuds have an action to let you activate your phone’s built-in personal assistant, the Galaxy Buds Live takes this one step further. Instead of using your phone’s assistant for every action, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live feature limited Bixby support built right into the buds. You can either use a shortcut to activate it or even enable voice wakeup so you don’t even have to move your hands. Once activated, you can make a phone call, adjust the volume, check the weather, and more. Bixby support is only available when the Galaxy Buds Live are paired with a Bixby-enabled Samsung phone and the language is set to English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, or Portuguese.

    • Single tap.
      • Play a track.
      • Pause a track.
    • Double-tap.
      • Play the next track.
      • Answer or end a call.
      • Place the current call on hold and answer a second incoming call.
      • Switch between a current call and a call placed on hold.
    • Triple tap
      • Play the previous track.
      • Start the current track over at the beginning.
    • Touch and hold
      • 1 sec
        • Activate a custom shortcut: Active noise canceling, voice command, volume up/down, launch Spotify
        • Decline a call.
        • Turn the microphone on or off during a call.
        • Retrieve a call placed on hold after ending the current call.
      • 3 sec
        • Start pairing mode

    Wear Detection

    Like many other truly wireless earbuds on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live feature inward-facing IR sensors to detect when the earbuds enter or exit your ears. When they exit, audio is paused automatically. However, to resume playback, you must use a touch gesture.

    Wireless Charging

    Gaming Mode

    Relieve pressure with ambient sound

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