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BeReal is a new app that has appeared recently, and all the rumours say that it has all the capabilities to compete with the famous Instagram app! The idea of ​​the app is that it allows users to post photos for only two minutes a day! But not any pictures; pictures must be real without a filter, the idea behind the application is a new technological surprise, and its meaning is "Stay real."

How to communicate in the "BeReal" application

Once you've downloaded the app, you can click on the sign-up option, agree to receive marketing emails from Insider and other company offers, and accept the platform's terms of service and privacy policy.

Users describe the app as fun and novel as it allows users to post once per day at random times. Notifications are sent to users, informing them that they only have two minutes to take a real photo and post it through the app. They also added that the promise is different from the personal pictures they are not used to, as the front and rear cameras are used simultaneously, making it challenging to coordinate the perfect frame.

Another thing that the application includes and serves its primary goal, which is that the user will not know how to like your photo by liking, but he must take a picture that expresses his reaction or impression of your photo.

The story of "B-Real" began at the hands of the French entrepreneur Alexis Barrett in the year 2020. After the number of users did not reach 10,000 before July of the same year, they increased after the date to 400,000 users, and this gave its owner investments of nearly 30 million dollars!

"BeReal" means abandoning filters and avoiding the process of reusing images after editing and improving them to form a mixture of authentic, honest photos, but at the same time enjoyable.

The application automatically prevents the publication of images that have been captured previously or modified by adding external effects, which allows your friends and followers to know the facts abstract as they are at one time.

Cons of the "BeReal" application

As for the negatives, some people sometimes lack the freedom to choose the publication time, and the application duration is two minutes in the BeReal application.

Some users indicated that they are unsure if the new app will become as popular as its social media counterparts. They think it's not very addictive, but if they had to choose between it and other apps, they would choose BeReal over the rest.

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