CellularLine HUB Multipower Fast Plus 5USB - 60W - Black

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  • Specifications

    - 100% safe. The electronics are designed to prevent overheating, and the protective circuit prevents overloads and short circuits
    - 30W USB-C technology. The USB-C port with a 30W output is designed for charging a MacBook or MacBook Air with a USB-C port and provides Fast Charging for the iPhone 8 and later models as well as the iPad Pro (2018 and onwards)
    - Adaptive Fast Charging. The adaptive USB port is designed to offer adaptive fast charging for most Android devices
    - Charges everything in complete safety. Each port is designed to recognize the connected devices and to trigger the right charge so you can charge every single device in complete safety
    - The pack includes: Mains charger, 100cm power cable

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